IN A DREAM STREAM recorded in 1981 is Mary Anne Driscoll's first duo recording at CBS in New York with Paul Murphy. The session is all original material with Driscoll's use of conventional harmonies on vocals and free improvisation that goes to the edge of the spectrum in duos with Murphy. Mastered at CBS, Teldec vinyl. Live, no edits.

RED SNAPPER is a 1982 recording of duos and trios from CBS released through Cadence Historical in 2003. The summer 82 session was the first studio recording of these players with Jimmy Lyons, Dewey Johnson, Karen Borca, Paul Murphy, leader. Stan Tonkel and Harold Cohen, engineers. CBS closed and the group headed to RCA.

CLOUDBURST, from 1983 features the RED SNAPPER personnel in ensemble. Engineer Paul Goodman met the challenge of his first new music ensemble, which he described as "a wall of sound." Mastered at RCA, Teldec vinyl. Live, unedited. ANOTHER CLOUDBURST, previous and more cuts from this session coming in May.

INSIDE OUT is a 2004 instrumental reunion with percussionist Paul Murphy, reflecting their musical association over 30 years; Driscoll composing and arranging. This is a CIMP production recorded at St. Lawrence University. Live, unedited.

PASSAGE VOLUME 1 and 2 recorded at Studio 44, in Monster, Holland with engineer Max Bolleman. This is Mary Anne's first solo session and includes original and standard vocals, piano compositions and free improvisation. All live, unedited.